27 unique and funny couple costumes ideas for a special Halloween 2020

Best couple costumes for Halloween

Looking for some of the best couple costumes of Halloween that are unique, creative, funny and hilarious at the same time and that take relationships goals of cute couples to the next level on the occasion of Halloween?

The Halloween season has just arrived and for many, that means finding the perfect costume for your next party. For couples, there’s the added fun of deciding how to coordinate looks and find perfect pair costumes ideas for friends.

At these types of overwhelming occasions, not everyone can bear the thought of making their own unique costume (or simply don’t have the time) for you and your partner. Just a little browsing and find all types of classic & creative pairings from peanut butter and jelly to cookies and milk, as well as more out of the box outfits.

If you are one of those couples looking for a perfect matching couple costumes for Halloween for your other significant, then you don’t want to miss out on some unique yet funny couple Halloween costumes given below.

Best couple costumes for Halloween

unique couple costumes for halloween

Since there are hundreds of couple costumes to sift through, So, to make it easier, we found 37 of the most awesome cute couple Halloween costumes, for every type of couple, that are either sold as a pair or can be combined to make a duo.

Sure, this is the lazier route, but we think these costumes are timely, funny, and mostly tasteful enough that everyone will still be impressed. Whatever you chose, there’s still time to have most costumes arrive for October 31, especially if you sign up for Prime. So what are you waiting for?

Start browsing so that you’ll have a hell of a time to pick up any accessories you might need to make you and your better half stand out in the outer world competition and take home top prize for best costume.

Creative couple costumes for Halloween 2020

creative couple costumes for Halloween

The following are some of the most creative and unique couple costumes for 2020 that can win both of you the prize for the best couple costumes of Halloween 2020.

1. Become a professional bee-keeper after Halloween is over

What if you would like to be a professional bee-keeper after hallowed is over. Tell this to your friends by donning this unique bee-keeping Halloween costume suit.

2. Become a Pop culture lover couple

Love pop culture? Show this to the world with this unique pop culture costumes for cute couples like you.

3. Love Memes big time? You would definitely love this Special Meme couple costume

It’s is as if you your gorilla friend is staring at you and thinking as if that banana snack is you!

4. Worried about the rotting of your teeth during Halloween? Then be a toothpaste to keep that away!

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5. Are you an Oenophiles couple? Then you would love this wine-and-cheese couple costume

Of course, why not! This wine-and-cheese couple costume works well for a classy and crass pair, and the fun thing is that the cheese slice and knife could easily be repurposed next year for a very literal “cutting the cheese” solo costume.

6. Are you a Vegan lover big time? Then you would absolutely love this cute couple costume!

7. Big PDA lover? Then say hello to this hilarious Plug-and-Socket couple costume

Warning! Be mindful when choosing your partner-in-Halloween-crime for this costume: According to reviewers, the plug portion actually fits into the socket side. ( And your partner should be able to bear that!)

8. Love Words Games? (I love them!) Then you would love this unique salt-and-pepper couple costume.

It can also be paired with an angular wig, gold hoops, and spandex under these tunics, and you would have a lot of variations like these between salt and pepper, the seasonings, and Salt-N-Pepa, the ’80s rap group.

9. Want to give a religious feel this Halloween? Then you would absolutely love this Hot priest & clergy unique couple costume!

Hot priests are having a moment, and The New Pope is coming back with even more hot clergy, so why not become like one of them? Then to do that, carry a flask full of your holiest water to complete the look.

Hilarious couple costumes for Halloween 2020

Hilarious couple costumes for Halloween

The following are some of the most hilarious couple costumes for Halloween 2020 that I bet you other significant would absolutely be excited to wear on.

10. Big piggies for the throuple on Halloween

11. Make a lot of mess & dirt on your Halloween day? Then you definitely need this Soap-and-loofah cleaning costume to clean up all that!

12. Peanut butter-and-jelly funny couple costume

13. Level up your spooky celebrations with this amazing cookies-and-milk hilarious couple costume!

14. Become a white tooth and tooth fairy to dominate white like no one other

15. Hot Dog and bun for those people who don’t want a couple costumes unless it’s got buns, huns.

16. Adam & Eve – It’s the most original costumes ever – and you would absolutely want it!

17. Ever played a puzzle game? Play that in real life on this Halloween too with this creative fitting puzzles pieces…

18. Want to go back to the stone age? These stone-age Fred & Wilma Stone couple costumes are a perfect choice.

Matching funny couple costumes for Halloween

matching funny couple costumes for Halloween

If the list given above was not enough and if you looking for some more, here is another handsome list of matching couple costumes that are creative yet very funny at the same.

These Halloween costumes can really take your Halloween celebrations to the next level. I honestly want you to try them out on this Halloween and I bet you would love them.

19. Be a Mr & Ms. Potato Head on this Halloween

20. Love painting? I love it! – Then be a Bob Ross and his painting this Halloween. What a funny compliment it would be.

21. Fan of the “Simpsons” cartoons? What about being Homer and Marge Simpson on this Halloween…


23. Love playing Chess? Play it on this Halloween with a real life chess King and queen couple!

24. Be Abraham Lincoln & Statue of Liberty this Halloween

25. Buddy and Jovie from Elf

26. Wine & Cheese – The perfect Combo for both Halloween and for the party too.