37 common Thanksgiving home decorations to make your home elegant & modern

Thanksgiving home decoration ideas

Looking for some common thanksgiving home decorations ideas that are simple yet modern & elegant without costing you a lot of fortune for this Thanksgiving fall season?

Don’t worry we have got you covered for all the best stylish & trendy thanksgiving house decorations you could possibly want for.

But I have to say this…

When it comes to Thanksgiving aka ‘Turkey day’, your goal should be to aim for a balance of style and comfort. This includes making your home—especially your dining room—as welcoming as possible for guests and finding the best DIY decorations that embrace the beauty of the season.

Inshort, Thanksgiving is the holiday to show off your design aesthetic, which implies dressing your space with pumpkins, leaves, striking plaid patterns, rich hues, crisp apples and corn husks are all fair game.

Coming back to our main pain point, If you’re really clueless about where to get started with your decorations for this thanksgiving, look no further than this inspiring roundup of the perfect Thanksgiving centerpieces, place cards, and table settings.

At the end, finish your decor project by crafting a beautiful table, complete with a delicious turkey, standout side dishes and delectable pies.

Best Thanksgiving Home decoration ideas

Best Thanksgiving house decorations

The best part about these house decorating ideas? They’re all super easy, quick, cost-effective, and—most important—stylish. No matter your patience level, you’ll find something to make your Turkey Day extra festive that your guest would admire. Read on now but you can thank us later.

1. Pumpkins & Berry Branches

While berry branches command attention all on their own, you can take them to the next level by inserting them into a trio of pumpkins in varied sizes.

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2. Succulent-Filled Pumpkin

Need an on-trend Thanksgiving centerpiece? Fill a pumpkin with different types of succulents for an unexpected look.

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3. Glitter Pumpkins

Add a dose of glam to painted pumpkins by dipping their stems in striking pink, green, and black glitter.

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4. Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath

Once your Thanksgiving dinner guests have settled, gently encourage them to write down what they’re most grateful for on a small piece of paper and slip it into these wreath’s paper cones.

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5. Kraft Paper Tablecloth

Even the kids table should be dressed in the true colours of Thanksgiving best: Cover the table with spill-proof kraft paper and ask your kids to customize their seat with hand-drawn place settings.

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6. Apple Candleholders

Make one last trip to the apple orchard (or grocery store) and pick the prettiest apples to transform into candle holders, while saving the other fruits for Thanksgiving pie

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7. Wheat Cloches

Group together pieces of wheat, wrap with a ribbon, and place under glass cloches. And if you want to elevate your centerpiece, stick ’em on cake stands of differing heights.

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8. Red Floral Centerpiece

Add some color to your Thanksgiving spread — aside from the collard greens and cranberry sauce — with a vase of vibrant red flowers.

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9. Leaf Calendar

Before you find out he advent calendars, get your family in the habit of writing down what they’re thankful for on the back of a leaf each day throughout the entire month of November until its Thanksgiving.

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10. Personalized Dessert Tea Towels

Grandma’s pumpkin pie deserves the all-star treatment. Start a conversation — well, another one — by sticking one of these custom cloth napkins at everyone’s seat.

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11. Cozy Table Setting

Soak in the crisp air of fall season by moving the table outside for a change of pace at this year’s dinner. Warm it up with knit pillows, faux-fur throws, and an accent rug.

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12. Turkey Mason Jar

To produce resemblance with a turkey, add a few brown feathers and bronze spray paint to a small mason jar. Now, simply scatter ’em on the dinner table, mantle, or any other spot in the house that needs a festive fix.

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13. Velvet Pumpkin Place Card

Transition your velvet pumpkins from Halloween into a Thanksgiving-worthy place card by decorating with a metallic ribbon, personalized with the party guest’s name.

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14. Pumpkin with Leaf Decoupage

Since you’ve packed your pumpkin carving tools away until next Halloween, get creative by adhering faux leaves to a painted pumpkin with a few coats of Mod Podge.

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15. Outdoor String Lights

Soft, frosted bulbs help set the mood if you’re feasting outdoors because there’s nothing like filling up on warm apple crumble under the glow of golden lights.

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16. Colorblock Leaf Decorations

Take your pick: Paint cork leaves to your liking and then use them as chargers, coasters, or table décor.

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17. Wooden Thanksgiving Dessert Display

Bring on the dessert! Give your handiwork the spotlight it deserves by placing your homemade sweets and treats on birch cake stands.

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18. Fall Candle Wraps

To really give your mantle the fall treatment, add glitzy sleeves to pumpkin or apple-scented candles.

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19. Leaf Table Runner

Cut foliage out of colorful felt, and you’ve got a runner and protection from hot plates (and cranberry sauce spills).

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20. Golden Pumpkins

Take your Thanksgiving table decorations up a notch by mixing pumpkins into the centerpiece, but elevate it further by painting them gold. It’s subtle, but still more festive than traditional, plain pumpkins.

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21. Try a Floral Hanging

Wreaths are great, but door hangings are even better for someone looking to switch it up a bit. Using dried florals means you can leave it up for all season long, too. Learn how to make your own from.

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22. Repurpose Apple Crates for your Porch

Trying decorate your porch with all the essentials: Pumpkins, corn, berries, wildflowers, and repurposed apple crates. In this way, you’ll be setting the holiday mood before your even first guest steps foot inside

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23. Hang a Disco Ball

Admit it: It’s not a proper Friendsgiving throwdown without a disco ball. Because the way it adds some playful kitsch and glitz to this otherwise neutral dining room in a converted garage.

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24. Use Pumpkins As Name Tags

Tell everyone coming your home where they’re gonna sit. Why? They can take these home after as party favors. Learn how to make pumpkins into vases for a centerpiece from Tell, Love, and Party.

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25. Display a Menu

Hang a menu behind the buffet table to animate the walls and to help everyone better navigate the Thanksgiving spread. Then add a ton of pampas grass.

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26. Swap Out Planters

Affordable mums plants are the ultimate fall plant. Use a mix of containers to start the rainbow of blooms, and then mix in some pumpkins for a seasonal anchor.

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27. Go for Gourd-geous Curb Appeal

Lay out the perfect welcome mat (and more) for holiday guests. Pumpkins, mums, and stalks of corn can dress up the front walk, and mini pumpkins add an unexpected surprise on top of window ledges.

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28. DIY Balloon Centerpiece

What’s a tasteless party without balloons? Use them as your Turkey Day table runner and you’ll knock out two decor must-haves in one. They’re perfect for a Friendsgiving that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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29. DIY Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runners

Not going shopping? Ask your kids if you can borrow their colored construction paper for this super quick DIY masterpiece. It costs nothing but looks very impressive. Get the tutorial at Momtastic.

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30. Hang a Mini Blackboard

Greet visitors using a thrift-store find coated with chalkboard paint. Or go for a more traditional autumn wreath featuring fallen leaves.

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31. Ombre Pumpkin Centerpiece

Paint small white pumpkins in differing shades of red and pink to create a lovely ombre effect down the center of the table. Furthermore, add a single maroon flowers in bud vases here and there for a light floral touch.

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32. Go Blue and White

A classic vintage blue-and-white transferware tureen stuffed full of white and yellow flowers, with hints of greenery, looks super elegant on a buffet or as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Now, hang blue and white plates in a wreath shape on the wall and decoupage a white pumpkin with blue and white toile wallpaper (you can use color copies, too).

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33. Vintage Turkey Cloches

jadeite cake standglass cloche, and turkey figurine are all you need to make this quick, easy Thanksgiving decoration idea come to life. Of course, the idea can be adapted for whatever fall-themed figurines you happen to collect.

34. Box Grater Luminaries

First, Create moody ambiance on a sideboard with this flickering display. Then, arrange multiple vintage box graters on a tray. Now, Illuminate with flameless flickering LED votives to prevent the metal graters from becoming too hot to touch.

Finally fill in gaps on tray with acorns and extra candles and witness your amazing Gater Lulminaries.

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35. Fall Mantel

All you need are some fall leaves, antique clothespins, twine, old book pages, and white pumpkins to create this classy fireplace display.

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36. Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Transform a pumpkin into the cutest ice bucket with just a few supplies you probably already have at home.

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37. Turkey Tealight Candleholders

These turkey tealight candle holders are perfect for the kids table. Just swap out the real tea candles for LED ones and the table is set.

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38. Owl Night Light

Light up any room with this whimsical yet elegant addition.

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39. Time Capsule

Capture what the family is more thankful for from the past year. Fill a small jar with notes and tiny mementos tied with ribbon. Place it inside your cornucopia centerpiece, or display it alone.

What you’ll need: Glass jar  (, Assorted ribbon (