35 best female Halloween costumes ideas for a special Halloween 2020

Best female Halloween costumes ideas

Looking for some amazing best female Halloween costumes ideas that would set you apart from your friends & family and make your Halloween 2020 parties special?

If that’s the case, today you are going to find some great women Halloween costumes ideas that would cater to every type of a query a woman would enter on google on the arrival of Halloween 2020.

Put straightforward, buying a costume can be a simple, last-minute answer to the eternal question that forever haunts every woman: “What am I going to be this Halloween?”

I can solve that problem for you, right here, right now…

In today’s list of the ultimate women costume ideas, you would find classic women’s Halloween costumes, hot & sexy women Halloween costumes, scary women’s Halloween costumes, hilarious & funny women Halloween costumes, horror female Halloween costumes, iconic female Halloween costumes: In fact all possible Halloween costumes ideas for adults & girls that a woman would like to wear on this special day.

So you should stop worrying and start thinking now what kind of Halloween costumes I am gonna buy today. Without further ado, here is a carefully curated list of the best possible female Halloween costumes ideas that you can easily buy online without putting you into the test for DIYing your perfect costume.

Best Female Halloween costumes ideas for women

Best halloween costumes ideas for women

Here is an exhaustive list of the best women Halloween costumes that would put your friends & family in awe & admiration. Furthermore, you can don them as a couple Halloween costumes with other significant or if you plan to celebrate with your besties as BFF Halloween costumes.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in and find those awesome Halloween costumes to make your Halloween 2020 special.

1. Pinata Costume – A funny women Halloween costume

Since, Halloween is all about the candy, so fiesta while sporting a colorful costume that’s inspired by everyone’s favorite candy-spewing party prop.

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2. Pay tribute to our mother earth with this mother nature women costume.

Blue and green color reflect our mother earth and these are two most prominent parts of the earth. By wearing this, you show to the world that you care about this beautiful world of various colors.

Opt for an ombre dress with a blue/green color palette, then get crafty sticking on fallen leaves and seashells. 

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3. Powerpuff colour costume for women on Halloween

Have you “dedicated your lives to fighting crimes and the forces of evil,” or are just taking down Tinder f*ckboys, this animated superpowered sisters is both iconic and easy to execute. It’s a purely nostalgic group costume that’ll take you right back to the ’90s.

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4. Scare the hell out of your friends with this scary mummy Halloween costume

Don’t get too wrapped up in thinking about a creative costume. Accomplish this flirty mummy look with some scraps of a plain white tee or bedsheet entangled around your bod. 

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5. Daenerys — ‘Game of Thrones’ Costume

We still aren’t over the fact that Game of Thrones has officially ended (RIP). Because this kickass Daenerys costume is so accurate and affordable, it helps make the finale an easier pill to swallow.

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6. Wednesday Addams Costume for women

Embody The Addams Family’s most adorable homicidal maniac with an all-black ensemble that’s simple, yet identifiable. 

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7. Cruella De Vil Costume – A funny Halloween costume for women

As Disney’s chicest villain, Cruella’s look is pretty easy to re-create — just don’t forget her signature two-toned hair and a fur coat, of course!

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8. Pennywise — ‘IT’ Creepy Clown Costume – A scary Halloween costume for women

In the spirit of IT Chapter Two, torment all of your tiny trick-or-treating guests with this sinister-looking Pennywise costume. Just don’t forget his signature single red balloon!

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9. ’70s Hippie Costume

Hey, hippie girl! This far-out costume comes with everything you need to look and feel groovy, including a pair of boot covers that’ll keep even your most hideous pair of comfy shoes concealed.

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10. Jasmine — ‘Aladdin’ Costume for women

Ready to explore a whole new world? This striking teal Jasmine costume will make you feel like you’re a part of last year’s blockbuster live-action film — without having to hop onto a magic carpet. 

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11. 80’s Track Suit Costume for women

Short skirts in chilly October weather? We’ll pass. This ‘80s zip-up track suit will keep you warm and comfortable, while keeping up with the modern-day athleisure trend.

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12. Wonder Woman Costume for Halloween

Sure, there’s still time to prepare for the 2020 premiere of Wonder Woman 1984, but we think it’s never too early to start. Count down the days dressed as DC Comics’ number-one badass babe, and people may actually mistake you for Gal Gadot.

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12. Harry Potter Costume for women

Avada kedavra! You might want to brush up on you Quidditch skills, because this costume will transport you straight to Hogwarts.

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13. Alice in Wonderland Costume

If you’ve been down the rabbit hole in search of the perfect Halloween costume, look no further than this gauzy blue Alice in Wonderland costume. 

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14. Handmaid’s Tale women Halloween costume

With The Handmaid’s Tale coming back for a fourth season, there’s no better time to dress as Offred. This hooded red robe costume looks so much like the real thing, it’ll make you feel like you’re in Gilead!

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15. Snow White Costume for women

Steer clear of evil witches and poisonous apples with a costume that’ll make you look and feel like a total princess. Grab your girl gang for a themed group costume to hit your next Halloween party with the Seven Dwarves.

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16. Mrs. Incredible Bodysuit Costume

You already are pretty incredible, but this Elastigirl costume will take your awesomeness to the next level. Replicate it with your fam for a cool, crime-fighting costume that’ll include your own cast of heroes.

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17. ‘Riverdale’ Vixens Cheerleader Costume

Grab your pompoms and head down the halls of Riverdale High! Fanatics of the famed CW show will appreciate this nostalgic tribute to season one when Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty would regularly be spotted in their Vixen cheerleading outfits. 

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18. Pirate Costume

This Halloween, hunt for booty or sail the high seas in style with a pirate-chic outfit that’ll make you want to say, “Ahoy matey!”

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19. Rey — ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Costume

Transform yourself into one of the most badass babes in the Star Wars series. But if you’d rather keep your costume classic, opt for Princess Leia instead.

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20. Elsa ‘Frozen’ Costume for women

Warning: This costume may cause you to uncontrollably sing “Let It Go” when worn.

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21. Dorothy — ‘Wizard of Oz’ Costume for women

No need to follow the yellow brick road to replicate Dorothy’s endless adventure through Oz. This costume doesn’t come with her recognizable ruby slippers, but an affordable pair of red flats can complete your outfit while keeping it under budget.

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22. Belle ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Costume for women

You can never go wrong with a classic Disney princess costume, but if you want to give your look an unexpected foodie spin, pop on a festive taco party hat to transform it into a spicy take on Taco Belle!

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23. Skeleton creepy Halloween costume for women

We’d argue that going as a living, breathing assembly of bones is one hell of a scary badass Halloween costume. Even more, this costume only requires one piece.

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24. Black Widow Halloween costume for women

She finally got to be in the spotlight of her own movie, but we already know the Black Widow would make a badass Halloween costume. I mean, check out those arm gauntlets! 

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25. Katniss Everdeen Halloween costume for women

Let’s do a little throwback to Jennifer Lawrence’s early days as the Hunger Games star. Complete with her bow and arrow, all you’ll need to do is tie your hair in a French braid. 

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26. Catwoman Halloween costume for women

We were pumped to hear Sanaa Lathan’s voice as Catwoman in the 2019 Harley Quinn TV series. So why not dress like her on October 31?

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27. Princess Leia Halloween costume for women

One of the OG badass Halloween costumes is obviously Princess Leia. Played by the iconic Carrie Fisher, you can rock her signature space buns while saying “May the force be with you” to everyone you see.

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28. Harley Quinn women Halloween costume

Harley Quinn might be a bad guy, but dressing up like her feels so good. Those blue and red accents, from hair to toe, are the perfect addition to a squad or it makes an awesome solo costume.

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29. Eleven Halloween costume for women

Before you think she isn’t a superhero in her own right, consider the fact that the Stranger Things star has psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. 

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30. Supergirl Halloween costume for owmen

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No … it’s you, as Supergirl! This Halloween costume will make you look like an adorable crime-fighter. 

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31. Xena: Warrior Princess Halloween costume for women

Evil is no match against this bad-girl-gone-good. If you have a bestie who wants to dress up with you, consider having her go as Xena’s partner in fighting crime, Gabrielle. 

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32. Arya Stark Halloween costume for women

If Daenerys isn’t your queen, dress up as the character who grew up before our eyes in Game of Thrones. We shall not forget what she accomplished at the Battle of Winterfell, which made her an ideal candidate for this costume category.  

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33. Batgirl Halloween costume for women

Your little one should dress up like a superhero too! This Batgirl costume will make her ready to defend Gotham City. 

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34. Gamora Halloween costume for women

The former assassin truly completes the squad of Guardians of the Galaxy. With this costume, people will definitely be asking you where Chris Pratt is. 

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35. Pink Power Ranger Halloween costume for women

The Pink Ranger stole the show in 2001’s TV series Power Rangers Time Force, and we love a throwback costume.

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